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Coronavirus Announcement


To our value customers and partners who are going to attend EuroShop 2020,

Since the coronavirus is quite contagious and already spread out around the world, please be aware of your safety while joining public events. The following is the up-to-date global coronavirus outbreak status as of 2020/2/12:

When visit highly contaminated region supplies, please be aware how coronavirus spreads and the basic precautions can be taken to prevent its spread. Here are some information from WHO:


























As the numbers of victims of coronavirus are still rising, Posiflex suggests you to wash your hands frequently, maintain social distancing, and avoid physical contact such as hugging and handshaking if possible. Posiflex respect each individual decision regarding of wearing a mask or not while attend the show. Keep in mind that protecting yourself from infection means helping protecting others.

Wish you good health and prosperity in 2020,

Posiflex Team