Altogether, our participation in EuroCIS 2015 was an all-round success. Our latest mobile POS ˇVMT-4008W made a great hit on the spot. Its well-thought-out versatile functionality, ergonomically expedient design, and flexibility to be a full-fledged dock station based all-in-one POS at once that bring a brand new concept while migrating into a mobile environment. It is not about whether your business is going mobile but ˇ§howˇ¨ is your business going mobile. We had a great deal of conversation with our patrons and prospects turning Posiflexˇ¦s booth into the Point-of-Inspiration!

Any Mobile Device Works on One Single Web Printer


AURA-6906W Web Printer

AURA-6906W brings web server technology into thermal printer easing the way you print. It is a web based printing through HTTP communication; the user can print the receipt from his mobile, tablet or desktop regardless of the operating system (iOS, Android or Windows). At the counter or on the sales floor, with AURA-6906W, you can print in whichever way you want it.

Features at a glace

- Easy wireless printing from any web-based applications via SOAP/ HTTP commands
- High compatibility with any device and operating system 
- Cost effective, no separate web server is needed for printing, saving an extra cost
- Scope of application includes Retail, Hospitality, Banking, Health Care, Government and more


Click here to watch AURA-6906W video or you can download it.

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