Posiflex to Display Newest Self-Service Technologies at RETAILTECH JAPAN 2023 for Improving Productivity


Global leading POS manufacturer Posiflex Technology Inc. will bring its newest innovations in retail technology to RETAILTECH JAPAN 2023 slated for Feb.28 - March 3 in addressing the severe labor shortages arising from Japan’s super-aging society—and getting worse during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The spotlights will shine on the industry’s first patented clamshell design of a POS terminal, an all-in-one POS base that hides a POS printer inside, and a lineup of kiosks constructed to mitigate issues of labor shortages and rising wages in Japan.


“Though the Japanese retail equipment market has long been dominated by several of its domestic suppliers, some market survey reports have indicated a growing presence of certain international vendors including Posiflex. Posiflex is now one of the top 3 POS suppliers in the hospitality sector of Japan and has been ramping up success with its kiosks deployed to Japan’s convenience stores, sports and entertainment venues,” said David Chen, Posiflex’s marketing director.


ZT Series: The World’s First Clamshell Design of a POS Terminal

Ranked among the world’s top 5 POS brands for years, Posiflex will bring its newest flagship Haydn ZT Series to RETAILTECH JAPAN 2023 in Tokyo, which boasts the industry’s first and only clamshell design for a POS terminal, with which the POS display can be easily opened and closed with a one-touch button for unprecedentedly convenient maintenance. This exclusive clamshell feature plus ZT series’ modular and screw-less design combine to achieve an average reduction of Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) to just one-fourth.


Gen 9 Base: An All-in-one POS Base Hiding a Printer Inside

The showcase will also include a portfolio of Posiflex’s POS peripherals, including its newest Gen 9 Base that incorporates and hides a POS printer inside, an all-in-one design to maintain an ultra-clean and space-economic retail/hospitality operation environment with aesthetic touches.


Hotel Check-in and Dual-sided Kiosks Tailored for Your Needs

Posiflex will also stage a lineup of its application-specific kiosks to exemplify the company’s ability in designing and manufacturing various types of kiosks for different customer requirements and application purposes. The showcase includes a hotel check-in kiosk to illustrate how automatic and self-service technologies can help streamline processes with reduced participation of human labor in a safety-demanding, post pandemic era. Also to be staged is a dual-sided kiosk which allows two users at once to operate the machine, ideal for applications in space-limited environments such as restaurants or hotels facing expensive lease space in big cities, as it reduces the number of kiosk units needed for deployment by half.  


Please visit our booth at RT1318, East Hall 2 of RETAILTECH JAPAN 2023 to be held in Tokyo from Feb.28 to March 3 to see our technological strength and corporate vision in building a more productive retail/business environment that fits customer’s needs for now and in the future.


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